Ginseng Pear Tea

Ginseng Pear Tea


30g dried longan

15g goji berry

7g American ginseng

2 pears

800 milligrams water

50g crystal sugar


  1. Wash the driged longan, goji berries and ginseng.
  2. Slice pears.
  3. Put dried pear slices, dried longan and ginseng in the pot with water and boil it with medium heat.
  4. Add goji berries and crystal sugar in the tea when it’s boiled. Put the lid on the pot for 20 minutes and turn heat off when the sugar is melted in the tea.

Buying Guide

Small, Medium, Large = width of root
Short, Medium, Long = length of root
Width is listed first, length is listed second
Small – Short would be the smallest roots
Large – Long would be the biggest roots

Slice sizes are based on the width of the root from which it was sliced
Prongs refer to slim root branch pieces
Capsules contain ginseng powder
Tea bags contain ground ginseng root

All of our products contain 100% pure Wisconsin-grown American ginseng