Baumann RootWise® Ginseng Authentication Program

We want you to be sure you’re getting our 100% Wisconsin-grown ginseng, so we invested in an industry-leading product authentication system from HP Enterprises. It is designed around the Global Product Authentication Service (GPAS), which sounds complicated, but is actually easy to use and has built-in layers of anti-fraud protection.

Verify Your Product
Your Baumann Wisconsin Ginseng product includes instructions for activating our RootWise authentication system. On the back of every package of you’ll see two coded symbols that look like this:

To verify that your purchase is authentic Baumann Wisconsin-grown American ginseng, simply scan the QR code with your smart phone*. You will see a verification page that instructs you to click or touch a button to verify your purchase. A message will then appear verifying your products authenticity.

For further verification, you will also see a “Guilloche” symbol on your screen. Compare the symbol on your screen with the symbol on your package of ginseng. They should be identical.

Enjoy your Wisconsin-grown American Ginseng!

*Many smartphones now come with QR readers already installed. If your phone doesn’t have one, simply download a free QR reader from your app store.